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Good Counsel Tournament

Varsity vs Our Lady of Good Counsel HS on 9/12/2009 9:00:00 AM
Posted Monday, September 14, 2009 by Karl Klontz
On Saturday, September 12th, the B-CC varsity girls’ soccer team played a double-header tournament at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Olney in which they faced two of the topped-ranked teams in the area. The first match paired B-CC against the Good Counsel Falcons, a team bristling with talent. The Falcons pressed from the whistle, mounting one attack after another. For the first 18 minutes, goalkeeper Sasha Konownitzine and defenders Mallory MacRostie, Anna Genova, Kara Klontz, Julia Hardgrove, and Julia Hooks repelled the attacks, but a Falcons forward was swift to take a Baron’s head ball that landed at her feet, charge toward the goal, and draw a foul in the box. The Falcons scored on the ensuing penalty kick. As the half wore on, forwards Owyn Manson and Zoe Thorpe joined midfielders Vic Gersh, Alex Doll, Hannah Levin, Marilyn Hucek, Elizabeth Ward, Kinsey Hoffman, and Caroline Khanna in establishing a firmer presence, forcing several corners against a solid defense. With B-CC’s momentum carrying into the second half, play became neck-and-neck as two B-CC freshmen entered the field – Zoe Mesirow in midfield and Angela White in goal. On several occasions, B-CC narrowly missed netting the ball, but with 12 minutes remaining, a Falcon made a come-from-behind steal at the 20-yard line and chipped the ball to a teammate who scored the final goal. In all, B-CC had 6 corners, 2 shots, and one shot on goal.

            In the second match, B-CC defeated Visitation 2-0. It was chess as much as soccer: move-countermove; attack, counter-attack; seize a gap, close a gap. Zero-zero for 90% of play. B-CC midfielders Alex Doll, Caroline Khanna, Vic Gersh, Kinsey Hoffman, Marilyn Hucek, Julia Hooks, Elizabeth Ward, and Zoe Mesirow criss-crossed the pitch like knights, castles, and rooks, while forwards Owyn Manson and Zoe Thorpe lanced the defense. In the meantime, defenders Mallory MacRostie, Anna Genova, Kara Klontz, and Julia Hardgrove formed a moat about the goal while goalies Sasha Konownitzine and Frances Jaffe displayed insightful anticipation and sure, steady hands on every penetrating ball. And then the final 8 minutes, a barrage of B-CC productivity and deft footwork by Owyn Manson and others in which, first, Alex Doll picked off a Visitation pass and sent it cross-field to Vic Gersh who slammed the ball into the net, and, second, checkmate in the final minute when Vic Gersh drove a ball down the left line with defying speed, cut toward the goal box, and scored through an impossibly narrow opening, cementing the 2-0 victory.  In total, B-CC had 6 corners, 12 shots, 5 shots-on-goal, and 3 saves by the keepers.

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