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BCC Girls Soccer Whips Wootton 2-1 with a Golden Goal in Overtime

Varsity vs Thomas S Wootton HS on 10/3/2009 10:00:00 AM
Posted Monday, October 05, 2009 by Lynn Foltz

BCC Girls Soccer Whips Wootton 2 -1 with a Golden Goal in Overtime


     On a warm, sunny Saturday morning the BCC Barons and the Wootton Patriots met on the pitch for a nail-biting match.  Just four minutes into the game, Vic Gersh got a solid shot on goal.  Following the save by the Wootton goalie, the Patriots moved the ball to their final 30.  Midfielder Kinsey Hoffman effectively cleared the ball and the Barons battled with the ball in their own territory for much of the first half.  The Barons won a corner kick 15 minutes into the match.  Hannah Levin took the kick and it flew directly toward the far post.  Wootton’s goalie attempted to stop the ball but one of the Wootton players touched it for an own goal giving the Barons a 1 – 0 lead.  Wootton’s efforts to gain possession after the BCC goal were dampened by Alix Emden’s slide tackle in midfield.  In a second effort to score off a corner kick, Alex Doll sent the kick to Vic Gersh who got another solid shot on goal.  Owyn Manson wowed the fans with a breakaway attempt at the end of the second half as she shot the ball to the left side of the net and the Wootton goalie made another save.

       In the second half, the Barons continued to attack the goal.  Kara Klontz took a corner kick to Zoe Thorpe who took a shot.  Anna Genova stunned the goalie with a quick strike.  After the save and a quick restart by the Wootton goalie, the Patriots took possession. Kara Klontz once again cleared a threatening flip throw- in on the right side of the field and the Barons took possession.   Hannah Levin, Alex Doll, Vic Gersh, Zoe Mesirow and Liz Ward rallied for a shooting spree as each took shots, creating pressure on the Wootton defense.  Then it was Wootton’s turn.  After a Patriot corner kick there was some dissent and Anna Genova came away with a yellow card.  With that distraction, Wootton rallied to score with only 8 minutes left on the clock. At the end of regulation with the score tied 1 -1 , Alex Doll sent a beautiful cross in front of the goal and Caroline Khanna connected with the ball for a shot.  Sasha Konownitzine protected the goal during both halves and made 2 dramatic saves in the second half

      The Barons came into the overtime period with determination facing two 5 minute overtime periods with golden goal.  As the fans stood on tiptoe cheering on the team,

Alix Emden sent one to Owyn Manson who captured the ball in front of the goal and pressured the keeper. The ball ricocheted off the goalie and Vic Gersh sent it in again, only to be deflected a second time.  Finally Alex Doll stepped up for the final touch and sent the ball solidly in, netting the golden goal for the Barons.


Reported by Lynn Foltz

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