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BCC Girls Soccer Blanks Cross Town Rival Whitman 4 0

Varsity vs Walt Whitman HS on 10/21/2009 7:00:00 PM
Posted Thursday, October 22, 2009 by karl Klontz
BCC Girls Soccer Blanks Cross Town Rival Whitman 4 – 0
     On a warm clear night under the lights at Whitman, the Barons earned a shut out against Whitman. During the first half, BCC blasted shots at the goal but could not get one to go in. Alex Doll began the onslaught in the first 2 minutes of play. Then the Barons earned a corner kick taken by Vic Gersh to Doll who did a dramatic bicycle kick back in the direction of the goal. Gersh took 2 shots on goal in the first 15 minutes of play and both were saved by Hannah Sasscer, the tall Whitman goalie. Then Anna Genova took a free kick and launched the ball high to the goal, saved again by Sasscer. Marilyn Hucek shot the ball on goal after a cross from Gersh. Zoe Thorpe blasted the ball toward the net but it was saved by Sasscer. This barrage of balls to Sasscer left the Barons scoreless in the first half.
    As the second half began, Owyn Manson sent a shot to the side bar while Gersh crossed to Kinsey Hoffman who shot the ball wide. The Vikings executed a beautiful set play as Kat Barth sent the ball to Tessa Morrison who sent in a shot saved by Baron Sasha Konownitzine, goalie in both halves tonight. Alex Doll and Owyn Manson continued to pound the ball from the final third toward the net but Sasscer stopped every shot that came her way. Finally Vic Gersh floated a ball into the top of the net over the head of the goalie to score the first goal.  Julia Hardgrove fired a shot from the defensive end to Doll who crossed it to Manson but it went wide. Vic Gersh worked the ball up to the top from the midfield and popped the ball in the net for goal number two. After several corner kicks, Manson took the ball in using a series of cuts to either side to evade the defense, scoring goal number three. Then, on a corner kick by Zoe Mesirow, Anna Genova, positioned in the offensive pack for the kick, headed a ball that glazed a Whitman defender before entering the net. The defensive line of Genova, Hardgrove, Kara Klontz and Mallory MacRostie protected the Barons side as Whitman sent only 4 shots toward the goal. The Barons had 12 shots on goal with 7 corner kicks.

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