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B-CC Varsity Girls Soccer Team Defeats Blair High School Blazers 2-1 in Semi-finals of Maryland 4A West Division

Varsity vs Montgomery Blair HS on 11/5/2009 7:00:00 PM
Posted Friday, November 06, 2009 by Karl Klontz
B-CC Varsity Girls Soccer Team Defeats Blair High School Blazers 2-1 in Semi-finals of Maryland 4A West Division
Ladies and gentlemen: show time! On November 5th, it was the semi-finals of Maryland 4A West pitting the B-CC Barons at home against the Blair High School Blazers. And what a doozie it was; if you had finger nails at game’s end, you were blessed with steely nerves. With just four minutes scraped off the clock, junior midfielder Alex Doll collected a loose ball on the right side and dribbled up-field toward the middle before unloading a spectacular left-footed shot from 25 yards out that struck the inner side of the net to make it 1-0, B-CC.   And then for the rest of the half, it was attack, counter-attack, each team testing the other’s defense with well-honed passes and explosive long balls. On each Blazer attack, B-CC was forced to mount what seemed to be a quadruple-layer defense, with forwards Manson, Levin, Emden, and Thorpe forming the first line, midfielders Ward, Hucek, Gersh, Hoffman, Khanna, and Doll the second, and Hardgrove, Genova, MacRostie, Mesirow, and Klontz a penultimate one before keeper Konownitzine. At half time, a quick glance at a post-harvest moon offered an eerie sense that the scoring wasn’t over, and sure enough, two minutes into the second half, Blazer forward Jamie Kator received a ball from a throw-in and burned a path along the left side before cutting in to slip the ball into the net. Then 30 painstaking, nail biting, leg jiggling minutes in which both teams entered the desert. It was, as the saying goes, a time for both squads to test their mettle, and both nearly scored at multiple points. The tension mountwd; one could almost smell overtime coming, followed by penalty kicks, and the inevitable question of a wandering mind: Which keeper would prevail? But all those thoughts were dashed with nine minutes left when Owyn Manson collected a ball near the midline, raced past a defender, and dashed to the goal line where – in what could be a Manson-patented move – cut back into the goal box before drilling a shot into the net. If you had any nails left at that point, the final nine minutes would strip them for sure, but thanks to a heroic B-CC effort and a series of forays to the corner by Doll and Gersh to burn off time, the Blazers were subdued 2-1. Hats off, however, to a magnificent and talented Blair High School team, a squad of exceptionally fast, determined, and poised players who posted 14 shots, 7 shots on goal, two corners, and 8 saves. And for B-CC: 15 shots, 8 shots on goal, 5 corners, and 5 saves by Konownitzine. Lastly, a final statistic: 5 days left to re-grow one’s nails before B-CC takes on Churchill to determine the champion of the Maryland 4A West division, a game set to be played at Richard Montgomery High School.       
Reported by Karl Klontz

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