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B-CC Girls Varsity Soccer Team Defeats Bowie High in State Semi-Finals, 1-0, on November 13.

Varsity vs Bowie HS on 11/13/2009 5:00:00 PM
Posted Saturday, November 14, 2009 by Karl Klontz

Friday the 13th.  Hmmmm…it could’ve been worse.  Although the Barons defeated the Bowie Bulldogs in the state 4A semi-finals played on turf at Richard Montgomery High, it wasn’t a pretty game.  Or a pretty night.  A cold wind blew in fine sheets of mist that made for tricky footing and a slick field on which the ball skipped, skipped, skipped to my loo, my darling.  Skips that had a way of truncating play, curtailing control, chopping the game apart.  It was soccer diced into a million pieces.  And then throw in the fact that the Barons faced a physical team with an unquenchable desire to score and the fact that the Bulldogs knew how to score ― Bulldogs junior forward Maddie Simms alone reportedly netted the ball 38 times this season ― so a 1-0 victory was nothing to snicker at. Sometimes, you do what it takes to get the job done, and that’s what the Barons did.

The lone goal came with 19 minutes remaining in the first half when B-CC forward Owyn Manson earned a corner kick by driving the ball to the line.  Junior Vic Gersh took the corner and sent it in with a slight loop that forced the Bulldogs keeper to jump, arms raised high, goal line immediately below her feet.  Whether it was the mist with its slippery wetness, the pressure from a multitude of Barons charging the goal, or sheer bad luck for Bowie, the ball jettisoned through the keeper’s gloves into the goal.  You take what you can get, but credit Gersh for placing the ball in a most vulnerable spot for a defending keeper.

Not all was dank and dreary this nor’easter-sodden night.  There were bursts of brilliance on both sides.  For Bowie, there was the blazing fast footwork of forward Maddie Simms, a player with the seeming ability to slip out of a locked room without a key in sight ― a soccer Houdini and professional escapologist ― and her teammate, number 23 (forgive this reporter for not capturing her name), a midfielder with lightning speed who rocketed up-field countless times to set up scoring threats.  Which brings us to bursts of brilliance on the Barons’ part, a few of which bear mentioning, like senior Mallory MacRostie, who, in addition to performing her defending duties with utmost care, flipped the switch repeatedly to become an offensive threat; or, in the goal, Sasha Konownitzine, who, surrounded by a sea of opponents, somehow saved a free kick from finding the net after being sent goal-ward by a Bowie kicker from just outside the 18-yard line; or defender Kara Klontz, who, sprinting toward the goal side-by-side with Maddie Simms, managed to toe-poke the ball from Simms to prevent what seemed to be a certain 1-on-1 against Konownitzine; or, last but certainly not least, junior Alex Doll, a midfielder whose exquisite ball control and vision for the field served as a glue of sorts through this moisture-laden night to keep a B-CC victory from dissolving away.

But most of all, this was a night when a dogged B-CC team refused to give up, to fold, to go away.  It may not have been the Barons’ best game of the year, nor a style of play they necessarily want to carry with them into the state finals next week, but chalk one up for gutsiness, for digging their heels in, for saying, Yes, we can.

Sometimes fortitude is a reward in itself.  

In all, BCC had 10 shots, 3 shots on goal, 9 corners (including 4 generated by Owyn Manson), while keeper Konownitzine made one save.  For their part, the Bulldogs took 6 shots, 1 shot on goal, and had one corner, while their keeper made 3 saves.

Reported by Karl Klontz

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