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B-CC Girls Varsity Soccer Team Captures Class 4A State Championship by Defeating Urbana Hawks 2-1 in Double Overtime

Varsity vs Urbana HS on 11/20/2009 5:00:00 PM
Posted Saturday, November 21, 2009 by Karl Klontz

B-CC Girls Varsity Soccer Team Captures Class 4A State Championship by Defeating Urbana Hawks 2-1 in Double Overtime


Who said lightning doesn’t strike twice?  It did November 20th when the B-CC girls’ varsity soccer team returned to the University of Maryland, Baltimore to capture its second state championship in as many years, this time to take the 4A title.  It was a victory that came under a starlit sky less than 24 hours after an odd fall thunderstorm had raced across Montgomery County. 

The starry sky at game time belied the fiery storm on the field below.  From the opening whistle, it was fury in the midfield, each team battling to conquer the space.  In their opponents, B-CC faced an exceptionally talented and classy Urbana squad who buzzed up-field like killer bees.  Yet B-CC midfielders Doll, Ward, Hoffman, Hucek, Khanna, and Mesirow joined defenders Levin, Genova, MacRostie, Klontz, Hardgrove and Konownitzine – in goal – to repel their stings.  For 26 hard-fought minutes, neither team would be subdued, minutes in which B-CC forwards Manson, Gersh, Thorpe, and Emden punctured the Hawks’ defense on several occasions in near-goal-scoring forays.  The first goal to be scored, however, came from the Hawks when, with 14 minutes remaining in the half, striker Julie Ruhé converted in a skirmish near the goal following a free kick taken from outside the penalty area.  It was a lead Urbana carried into the half.      

Speaking of the half, something creative was rumbling inside the B-CC squad when a number of players suddenly began to dance to the music moments before play resumed.  It turned out to be a rain dance of sorts, only now, instead of thunder, it was the pop of the ball off B-CC feet that made noise, feet that moved swifter and with greater determination than before.  On one pop 60 seconds into play, defender Kara Klontz sent a corner kick generated by Owyn Manson into the box with sufficient spin to force a goal off a ricochet from a Hawks’ chest.  Fifteen minutes later, B-CC almost repeated the act off a Doll-created corner taken masterfully by freshman Mesirow.  Yet 1-1 it would remain at the end of regulation play.

Overtime again, familiar terrain for a B-CC squad that had to weather penalty kicks two games earlier.  One couldn’t be faulted for thinking that penalty kicks would be needed again to decide the Urbana duel, although truth be told, there were moments during the first OT that Urbana pressured with such force it wasn’t clear B-CC would have the luxury of penalty kicks.  After a much-needed breather, B-CC took the field for the second overtime with freshman Angela White in the goal, and it was then that a perfect storm brewed.  It came in the form of an Emden-Gersh-Manson trio, a storm that ignited about 20 seconds after the opening whistle when Emden sent a ball to the outside to Gersh who, in turn, raced to the goal line with lightning speed, pivoted there to elude two defenders, and sent a ball to Owyn Manson who’d astutely taken a position six yards in front of the goal.  And then, as happens in those big, BIG moments of athletic competitions, time seemed to stand still.  As the milliseconds crawled forward, each an eternity to itself, Manson ― with incredible poise, it must be said ― took the ball from her chest, dropped it to the ground, and, undeterred by a defense mounting around her, unleashed a thunderous kick that sent B-CC into history books of Montgomery County: Never before had a soccer team ― boys or girls ― moved from Class 3A to 4A to win the state finals in consecutive years.

In all, B-CC had nine shots, five on goal, and two corners, with keeper Konownitzine making five saves.  Urbana, in turn, took 15 shots, eight on goal, had no corners, and made eight saves by the keeper. 

A huge round of applause, hats off, and many, many congratulations to head coach Rob Kurtz, assistant coach Rolly Magallanes, and the entire B-CC team for an inspirational year.  And for parents, how nice: We can store the Tums, rest the jitters, and calm the nerves, at least for winter, spring, and part of summer before the magic of B-CC girls soccer lights anew in August of 2010.    

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